Friday, 4 February 2011


Bill Byrd and Vivian Willis  carrying the banner of Yeovil & District Trades Union Council are pictured here with singer Billy Bragg and Bridgwater student Laura Costello on the 500 strong student protest march through Taunton today.  . The bright red  trade union banner  was much appreciated by the students.  The event was reported at lunch-time on BBC Points West and  ITV's The West Country Tonight.

March Organiser Robert Thompson was interviewed on the BBC. He will be speaking at Yeovil TUC's May Day anti-cuts event on 29th April at Unity Hall. Ken Keable from Yeovil TUC said  " It's important to bring the trade union movement and the students together and to let the students see that are being supported by the trade union movement. The next thing is to get students to the TUC national anti-cuts march in London on 26th March."

Brian  Smedley from Bridgwater Trades Council said " The 3 students who spoke all attacked the Lib Dems and their broken promises. James Leeman physically tore up a speech by Nick  Clegg promising to vote against Tuition fees. Billy Bragg made it abundantly clear that the Tory agenda is nothing short of the destruction of the entire Welfare state   and it's completely clear now that the LibDems are their stooges in this. Workers and Students  now need to march together, campaign together and step up the pressure on the Con Dem  Coalition Nationally and locally."