Thursday, 24 April 2014


On Tuesday 22nd April a packed Bridgwater Railway Club hosted a very special event. Bridgwater Trades Union Council invited all sections of local communities, including farmers and others affected by the recent floods, to reflect on their experiences and discuss what the future holds.
Unlike some unfortunate and high-profile party-political posturing, including those by the local Bridgwater MP, the wide raging discussion gave ample time and space for Environment Agency workers, firefighters, farmers and flood-affected residents to show their anger at what happened, gratitude for delivered solidarity, and reflect on their own and others' feelings a few months on.
Tam McFarlane of the Fire Brigades Union spoke of the 1,000 Levels’ residents rescued; Kevin Warden-Prospect Union- and others from the EA workers on how they had been physically threatened and spat at, following ignorant politicians attacks on the EA; Theo Simon spoke eloquently and passionately about Somerset’s future in an era of rapid climate change; while Julian Taylor, Bridgwater Labour Councillor, and flooded Fordgate resident, informed, persuaded and moved a rapt audience in equal measure.
It was unanimously agreed to hold another similar retrospect in a few months time: watch out for it!
Certainly an unusual trade union-hosted event, when one conservative Levels farmer was spotted at the bar deep in friendly conversation with a notoriously militant local shop steward!”
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

AFTER THE FLOODS What Future for Somerset in an era of climate change?

Tuesday 22nd April at 7.30pm
GWRSA/Railway Club, 
Wellington Rd, Bridgwater TA6 5HA

Massive floods in Somerset and on the Thames; record-breaking rain; a nation battered by wave after wave of storms; ruined fields; shattered homes, roads and railways; climate change; fracking, Hinkley Point ‘C’, the critical need for green energy. All against a background of government cuts in the Environment Agency, the Fire Brigade and other vital services.

How shall we cope with these environmental challenges?

Can a government committed to permanent austerity really live up to its commitments to deal with these issues?

Concerned? Then come along, listen to different points of view and join in this important discussion

• Julian Taylor (Labour Cllr and Fordgate resident )
• Fire Brigades Union
• Environment Agency
• Kevin Warden(Prospect union & EA workers)
• UNISON speaker (EA workers)
• Theo Simon (Somerset environmental activist )

Meeting organised by Bridgwater Trades Union Council
For further details please contact Dave Chapple: 07707 869 144 /