Monday, 22 August 2011


Over a hundred Bridgwater people, many of them residents of streets surrounding Bridgwater’s iconic Brewery Field, sat down to a summer picnic on Sunday in a community celebration of one of Bridgwater’s last ‘green lungs.’

Joining them were several families of teddy bears, bicycles, tents, deck chairs, dogs, kites, flags, rugs, a wind-up gramophone playing dance-band 78’s, and, of course, well-filled picnic hampers!

Under threat by Sedgemoor District Council’s sell-off to Tesco, the Brewery field links Bridgwater’s historic docks to the town centre. For a hundred years or more, it has been, literally, a playing field for footballers, dog walkers, strollers and kite flyers.

The entire Brewery Field should remain a green and public open space for Bridgwater people to continue to enjoy for another hundred years!

So Sunday was a celebration: but also another episode of a continued and determined protest led by Bridgwater Forward that will carry on until Sedgemoor revoke their intention to dispose of this priceless asset, an asset they should be holding in trust for all of Bridgwater’s citizens.”

Dave Chapple,
Bridgwater Forward