Thursday, 8 May 2014


Anti-Ukip campaigners 'adapt' Farage's
'hate mongering' posters 
Workers considering voting for UKIP in the forthcoming European elections would be voting against their own interests, says Bridgwater Trades Union Council.

Workers should think very hard, and read the small print on UKIP's manifesto, before giving UKIP their vote.

Disillusionment with the failed promises, self-interest and greed of some politicians from all the main political parties is understandable, but workers voting for UKIP would be like turkeys voting for Christmas, say representatives of trades unions in Bridgwater.

Apart from their offensive and racist scapegoating of foreign workers - as if migrant workers, instead of bankers and corporate tax dodgers, are to blame for our economic problems - UKIP have said they want to abolish all workers’ rights, including maternity pay and maternity rights.

Point made.
They want to privatise the NHS and scrap state pensions. Their proposal to introduce a flat rate of tax would mean that the rich would pay the same as those on lower incomes. They also want to scrap rules to curb tax avoidance by big companies. UKIP and its policies are dangerous for British workers! UKIP and its backers are friends of big business and opposed to the interests of working people.

Zero hours, part-time contracts and low pay, combined with attacks on benefits in the name of “austerity” are the evils which are destroying the standard of living of British workers. To combat these attacks, we need more workers’ rights and strong unions. UKIP is no friend to workers in Britain.

CONTACT: Secretary Dave Chapple 07707 869 144 Press Officer: Glen Burrows