Thursday, 9 August 2012


Campaigning group Friends of Bridgwater Station have written to Managing Director of First Great Western, Mark Hopwood, asking for an explanation for the sudden reduction in opening hours of the rail station ticket office, and a commitment to a more reliable service in future.
A notice has recently appeared on the station door stating that the ticket office will close at 12.45pm each day: "due to unforeseen circumstances".


This is a net loss of 10.5 hours a week, for a busy station whose current opening hours are inadequate in any case. The ticket office closes officially at 2.30pm each day, and is closed all day Sunday. This is nowhere near enough opening hours to cope with demand, and it is time First Great Western showed more respect for the town of Bridgwater by providing an adequate service at the station.

There is nothing "unforeseen about the fact that FGW don't employ enough staff to provide cover, and have taken too long to fill the full-time vacancy at Bridgwater station, which was advertised months ago.


Friends of Bridgwater Station want a commitment from First Great Western that the vacancy will be filled, that the opening hours will be reviewed and that the staffing situation will be improved, so that future "unforeseen circumstances" do not continue to inconvenience the travelling public, who deserve a better deal from a company which is making vast profits.

Contact details: Glen Burrows 07722 087 675