Saturday, 25 June 2011


Bridgwater Trades Union congratulates members of civil service and teaching unions on their strong vote for strike action on 30th June in defence of pensions which are under attack from the  Con-Dem government. College and university lecturers, as well as teachers in private schools will join in the action on the day.

The strike will involve around 800,000 workers, and is the start of a rolling campaign. Unison, with its 1.4 million members, will join the struggle to defend public-sector pensions in the autumn.

The Con-Dems want to divide workers on the issue of pensions. They say public-sector workers should not have better pensions than private-sector ones, when we all know that private sector pensions are either non-existent or on a downward slide, as funds are robbed and final pensions devalued. Workers must not let themselves be divided in this way, but, instead, fight for decent pensions for all workers, and that means defending public sector pensions.

The real division in Britain is between the millionaires – many of them currently on the government benches - and the rest of us.  A victory on pensions would give everyone the confidence to fight the rest of the government’s cuts, and its attempt to return working people in Britain to the conditions suffered in the 1930s.

Everyone opposed to the cuts must support the pensions strike on 30 June. Come and support the NUT, ATL, UCU and PCS at the Rally on 30th June, at Taunton Rugby Club, starting at 10.30am. Free car parking.