Friday, 20 July 2012

Lightning Strike at Bridgwater Sorting Office

At 7.30am this morning 100 Royal Mail workers at Bridgwater Delivery Office in Somerset walked out in a lightning protest strike against Royal Mail managers' bullying and breaking agreements with their trade union the CWU.

The postmen and women, many with 30 years service, are angry that a postman with 25 years service has been suspended from duty for an alleged swearing incident, when the other postman concerned has written to Royal Mail asking for the case to be dropped and the postman re-instated.

bullying and harassment

CWU members believe a heavy-handed disciplinary policy, which currently includes Royal Mail posting eight managers to a workplace designed for four, has led to an increased managers' bullying and harassment culture.

Royal Mail are also blatantly breaking agreements with the union on daily staffing levels-called 'lapsing' in Royal Mail, training, and annual leave.

worry and stress

The final issue that must be addressed is Royal Mail changing their policy on staff hospital visits without negotiating this change with the CWU. Previously staff were allowed sufficient paid time off to attend hospital: now they are being forced to go to hospital in their own time which only serves to increase workers' worry and stress.

Dave Wilshire, Bristol and District CWU Branch Secretary, said:

"The overwhelming support for today's walkout at Bridgwater Delivery Office only confirms our belief that there is something radically  wrong with the way this workplace is managed. Whilst this strike is first and foremost a decisive protest against an unfair suspension, the underlying and fundamental issues of breaking national agreements with the CWU and heavy-handed bullying managers must be addressed sooner or later: we would like to resolve this today."  "

For further details contact Dave Wilshire on 07909 525 740 or Dave Chapple, Branch Chair on 0777 6304 276

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