Monday, 30 December 2013


Protest against the bedroom tax
Bridgwater & Somerset People's Assembly will present their petition against the Bedroom Tax to the full meeting of Sedgemoor District Council on Wednesday 8th January, at 2.30pm

The petition calls for the Council to lobby Government for the abolition of this unreasonable and unworkable tax, which is causing evictions and homelessness across Britain.

It also asks the Council to agree that no-one shall be evicted from any council property due to arrears caused by the Bedroom Tax.

Said spokesman Gwyn Holland: " Councillors know this tax is unworkable. It is increasing  the cost of housing benefit by forcing people into high-priced private accommodation, because of the shortage of one-bedroomed accommodation in the social housing sector. This is against the aim of the Tax which the Government claims will reduce the cost of housing benefit. This is apart from the misery and stress caused to people faced with rent arrears and possible eviction.Many of those targetted by this wicked and vicious tax are disabled people. 

It is not enough for Councillors to wring their hands. It's time they stood up to a government which is clearly incompetent at introducing reforms to the benefits system. Councillors are elected by local people and paid for by local people. it's time they acted in our interests.

There will be a lobby of councillors as they enter the meeting on 8th January. This will start at 1.30pm outside Sedgemoor District Council Offices, King Square, Bridgwater.

Information: Gwyn Holland: 07919676156  Glen Burrows 07813 562 869

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