Monday, 10 February 2014


Bridgwater members of the Somerset People's Assembly will join a lobby of Somerset County Council on Wednesday 19th February at 9.15am, outside Shire Hall, Taunton, organised by Taunton's Anti-Cuts Community Campaign Group.

Councillors will meet to discuss proposed cuts of £30 million to Council services, followed by 3 more years of similar cuts. "Soon there will be nothing left" said People's Assembly spokes-person, Sarah Shaw. "These cuts will mean more job losses, more privatisation, further reduction of services, and closure of facilities, but we'll still go on paying council taxes for non-existent services. What a con!"

It's time for councillors to stand together to call the Government to account. These cuts aren't the result of local councils squandering money, or because they don't know how to cost and deliver services. They are due to continued cuts and underfunding of local councils by central government.

Lobby Government for increased funding

Instead of continuing to be the Government's spineless "hatchet-men", it's time councillors remembered why they were elected in the first place. Local councillors should represent local democracy and carry out the wishes of local people. They must refuse to carry out the proposed cuts and, through the Local Government Association, lobby Government for increased funding for local councuils.

The People's Assembly calls upon the people of Somerset to join the lobby on 19th February, and support the national campaign against cuts and austerity.

CONTACT: G BURROWS 077813 562 869 

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