Thursday, 27 February 2014

Somerset Tories vote through £10,000,000 cuts

Predictably and appallingly the Tory led Somerset County Councillors have agreed that £10,000,000 should be cut from public services. There has been no evidence of any objections from any Tory in the council to this Government sponsored cut- they have been craven in totally accepting what the Tory Party has told them.

            I read in that Linda Vijeh says ‘if we do not tighten our belts we cannot go forward’ WE??? How many of this Tory led council are dependent on busses, home, nursing  and residential care? How many of them are amongst those that will lose their jobs? How many of them are in sheltered housing, or need mental health care or help with learning disabilities?  We?  As always its the poor, disabled and disadvantaged that suffer. I’m reminded by her remark of the discredited ‘all in it together’ fantasy. And how could a proposed amendment to modify these cuts be described as ‘reckless’? And how can these cuts be fair when the Tories do nothing about the billions avoided in tax and keep the billions in unclaimed benefit.

            The council needs to be more transparent. If they are challenging the Government about these cuts then they ought to tell us. And also tell us why they can’t ‘comment’  on the ‘Wheelergate ‘ business, about the CEO’s inflated salary and pay many thousand pounds? And who pays? We need to know. Was it a tiff? A coup?  Incompetence? What?

            This council in this instance  seem determined to ignore serving the people who voted for them and more inclined  to be in thrall to the Nasty Party.
Dave Walsham
NUT Retired member

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